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Thanksgiving Dinner Program

Thank you for your interest in the Thanksgiving Dinner Program, coordinated by the Office for International Students and Scholars. We appreciate your interest in being part of this cross-cultural initiative! 


The Thanksgiving Dinner Program facilitates cross-cultural exchange between MSU faculty and staff and international students and scholars. 

This program will provide international students and scholars with an opportunity to experience Thanksgiving dinner in an American home, and provide MSU faculty and staff hosts with an opportunity to interact with international students and scholars. 

While the program is only for one day, we encourage the participants and hosts to maintain contact with each other after Thanksgiving. 

The Thanksgiving Dinner Program is on Thanksgiving Day, but the timing is flexible according to hosts' dinner plans. Hosts will communicate directly with their international student or scholar participant(s) before Thanksgiving Day to finalize details. 

Check back for further details on Thanksgiving Dinner Programs in Fall 2021 and beyond.