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Grants and Scholarships Overview

MSU offers a limited number of grants, scholarships and loans for international students. Loan and grant programs are either short term or to be used as degree completion loans. These funding programs are not designed to support a full academic program of study. Students often seek support from non-MSU organizations that offer scholarship, grant, and loan programs for international students.


Graduate students may be able to get funding from their academic departments. Graduate students can learn more about funding opportunities through their academic departments.   

International students are not eligible for U.S. Federal Financial Aid programs, including government subsidized student loans.

side-by-side_internationa-center.jpgOISS Funding

OISS offers a few opportunities for scholarship and financial support for international students and scholars. 

rock side by side.jpgMSU Funding

MSU has resources to help with emergency funding, tuition assistance and scholarships. Read through to see if any could apply to you. 

other funding side-by-side.jpgOther Funding

Some outside sources provide scholarships to international students and scholars.