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Hosting J-1 Scholars

If your academic unit is interested in hosting a visiting scholar on a J-1 visa, you will need to request a DS-2019 form through OISS. The scholar will need the DS-2019 form to apply for a J-1 visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad or to change status to J-1 from within the U.S. The request for a DS-2019 must be submitted to OISS at least 8 weeks prior to start date of the scholar’s program at MSU. 

DS-2019 Request Process

New J-1 Scholar Requests

Step 1: Determine J-1 category

There are three J-1 scholar categories. Choose the category that matches the nature and the length of your scholar’s visit. Contact the OISS J-1 Team if you need assistance or email your questions to oiss(at)   


A foreign national whose primary purpose is teaching, lecturing, observing, or consulting. Also may conduct research. Programs can last up to 5 years. 

Research Scholar

A foreign national whose primary purpose is conducting research, observing, or consulting in connection with a research project. Also they may teach or lecture. Programs can last up to 5 years. 

Short-Term Scholar

A foreign national who is a professor, research scholar, or person with similar education or accomplishments who enters the United States for a short-term visit for lecturing, observing, consulting, training, or demonstrating special skills. Maximum length of program is 6 months. 

Step 3: Submit Export Control Worksheet (ECW)

Submit the Export Control Worksheet (ECW) to the MSU Office of Export Controls & Trade Sanctions (OECTS).

OISS cannot issue a DS-2019 until after OECTS approves the ECW.

Step 4: Use MyOISS to Submit J-1 Scholar Request to OISS

Beginning October 26, 2018, MSU host departments and new J-1 scholars will use MyOISS to submit J-1 scholar requests to OISS. Follow instructions in the training video MyOISS Training for MSU Departments Hosting J-1 Scholars and read the MyOISS J-1 Scholar Application Webinar Q & A to learn how to:

  • Create and log into your MyOISS account

  • Give new J-1 scholars access to MyOISS to submit biographical information, including dependent information, and to upload documents including their passport, resume/CV, and proof of funding (if not funded by MSU)

  • Give department chairs and directors access to MyOISS to submit the Departmental J-1 Compliance Certification

  • Upload the Letter of Invitation, Exchange Visitor English Proficiency Confirmation, Proof of Funding (if funded by MSU) and Host Department Confirmations

If the scholar is unable to access and complete the biographical and financial support sections of MyOISS, you may gather the information required in MyOISS from the J-1 scholar directly. Ask the scholar to complete and send you the J-1 Scholar Electronic Request Questionnaire and ask them to send you the following documents in .pdf, .jpg, or.doc format:

  • Copy of passport (if bringing family members, copies of their passports as well)

  • Updated CV/resume

  • Proof of funds (if MSU doesn’t provide funding for this visit)


Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

Documents provided by Host Department:  

Documents provided by the prospective J-1 Scholar: 

  • Passport
  • CV or resume 
  • Proof of Permanent Residency -- only required if Country of Permanent Residency is different than Country of Citizenship
  • Transfer In Form -- only required if scholar is transferring J-1 status from another U.S. institution to MSU.  
  • Funding documentation, if scholar is not fully funded by MSU host department. 

OISS Funding Document Requirements: 

Minimum Funding Requirement Schedule: 

  • September 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022 

    • Scholar: $25,500/year, $2,125/month 

    • Spouse: $10,500/year, $875/month 

    • Child: $4,800/year, $400/month 

    July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023 

    • Scholar: $26,244/year, $2,187/month 

    • Spouse: $10,800/year, $900/month 

    • Child: $4,944/year, $412/month 

    July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024 

    • Scholar: $27,024/year, $2,252/month 

    • Spouse: $11,124/year, $927/month 

    • Child: $5,088/year, $424/month 

Please provide OISS with documentation for ALL funding sources that will be used to support the exchange visitor's stay (except MSU funding). 

Funding proof from institutions or organizations: Must be on letterhead and stamped or signed, dated and no older than 6 months. Funding proof must be in English OR provided in its original form with a third-party translation that includes the ‘Certification by Translator’ found below. 

Funding proof from a personal or family bank account: Must include the name of the account holder, the date, the currency, the balance, and must make clear that the balance is in cash, i.e. liquid, available funds (no investments or lines of credit). Funding proof must be in English OR provided in its original form with a third-party translation that includes the ‘Certification by Translator’ found below. 

  • If funding documentation is from a U.S. bank: A bank statement on bank letterhead is sufficient. 

  • If funding documentation is from a bank outside the U.S.: The document must include two of the three following markers: 

  • Be printed on letterhead 

  • Include a signature from bank representative 

  • Include an official stamp from the bank (translation of stamp may be required if document is not on letterhead) 

If the account holder is not the prospective scholar or dependent included in the application, a signed affidavit of support must be provided. 

Please note that the exchange visitor may be required to show proof of finances again at the time of application for a U.S. entry visa at the U.S. Consulate. 

Certification by Translator 

I [typed name], certify that I am fluent (conversant) in the English and ________ languages, and that the above/attached document is an accurate translation of the document attached entitled ______________________________. 



Typed name 


Translations can be made by anyone who is competent in both English and the visitor’s native language. The prospective scholar or a fam

Step 5: Mail DS-2019 to prospective scholar

When the DS-2019 is ready to be picked up by your department, you will receive an email from jvisas(at)

The packet will contain of two sets of documents - one for the scholar including their DS-2019 and another for your departmentApplicants must present the original DS-2019 form at a U.S. Consulate when applying for a J-1 visa

Do not email, fax, or electronically share the DS-2019 with the scholar. Immigration regulations prohibit electronically sharing DS-2019s with anyone, including OISS, the scholar, you, and your department.