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Campus Resources

MSU offers free tutoring, help rooms and academic support services to help you succeed in the classroom. Try these free resources before deciding to pay for tutoring. And remember, never pay another international student to tutor you as this is considered off-campus employment and is not allowed by immigration regulations unless the tutor has received CPT or OPT work authorization through OISS.

Tutoring Support in the Neighborhoods

Part of the Neighborhoods' mission is to provide access to the available resources on campus, to help students reach their full potential and have a successful college career. Each Neighborhood has a variety of resources accessible through the Engagement Centers including:

  • academic advising
  • math and writing center tutors
  • and more!

Tutoring Support in Your College or Academic Department

The following colleges and departments offer free tutoring:

Math Learning Center

MLC's goal is to bring free, fun, and friendly math help to the students at MSU. Surveys show that students do significantly better if they regularly keep up with their homework and seek help early. MLC tutors do not do homework for you. Instead they help you understand concepts and put you on the right track to help you succeed when you are in class, on your own. MLC is also conveniently available in the Neighborhoods. 

Math Learning Center Exam Review Sessions

Exam reviews are provided for select courses prior to exam dates. There are exam practice sheets handed out at most sessions that focus on questions and concepts that are likely to appear on the exam. The goal of each session is to go over the practice sheets to better prepare students for the exam.

Math Learning Center Problem Sessions

Problem sessions are provided for select courses at the Neighborhood Engagement Centers. The sessions are hosted by supervisors and tutors. The goal of the problem session is to strengthen the students' understanding of key concepts, assist with challenging homework problems, and prepare students for exams.

MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

The RCPD is committed to lead Michigan State University in maximizing ability and opportunity for full participation by persons with disabilities including autism, blindness and visual impairment, deaf/hard of hearing, learning disabilities and attention deficit, mobility disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and other types of disabilities. 

MSU Testing Office

The Testing Office aims to provide the highest quality testing environment for students, faculty, staff, and the community. Visit their website for an extensive list of tips on how to avoid test anxiety. These include what to do before, during, and after the exam to refocus your attention from negative and critical ideas to productive thoughts.

Writing Center

The Writing Center at MSU operates with a broad vision of collaboration in the MSU community; peer-to-peer consultations with students, faculty, and the community allow us to expand ideas of literacy and composing beyond traditional models and geographic boundaries.