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State Identification Card

Students and scholars and dependents who do not plan to drive while in Michigan may apply for the State Identification (ID) Card. A State ID Card allows you to prove your identity, name, age, and address without showing your passport. 

International students, scholars and their dependents may apply for a "Standard" State ID Card. There is no minimum age requirement. However, you may not have a State ID Card and a Michigan driver's license at the same time unless your license has been restricted, suspended or revoked. 

The MSU ID card only shows your name, picture, and MSU ID number and is not usually accepted as identification off-campus.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible to Apply

International students and scholars and their dependent family members who will be in Michigan for more than four months are considered Michigan residents and can apply for a State ID Card.

Not Eligible to Apply

Short-term students and scholars who will be in Michigan for less than four months are not eligible for a State ID Card.

Do I Need a Social Security Number to Apply?

No. You do not need to have a Social Security Number (SSN) to apply. However, you must have a letter of ineligibility issued to you by the Social Security Administration. This is called the Form SSA L-676.

Information about obtaining a Social Security Number or a Letter of Social Security Number Ineligibility can be found on the Social Security Administration website at You may also call the local Social Security Administration Office

Application Process and Fee

International students, scholars and their dependents may apply for a Standard State ID Card. 

Follow the Application Process instructions for a Michigan ID through the Secretary of State office.