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Campus Safety

Safety is important to Michigan State University, and all members of the campus community—students, faculty, and staff—are encouraged to take an active role in preventing and reporting incidents that jeopardize safety on and around campus.

Michigan State has more than 80 sworn police officers certified by the State of Michigan on campus. Additional campus safety and security services include late night transport/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, lighted pathways/sidewalks and controlled residence hall access.

Keeping Campus Safe

Dedicated MSU Police Department

msupolicesparty.jpgMichigan State University has a dedicated MSU Police Department with officers certified by the State of Michigan who patrol campus day and night. They have a variety of programs and services to proactively protect the safety of the MSU community and every individual living and learning in it.

For more information, visit the MSU Police website. 

Residence Hall Safety


For safety information about living on campus, go to the MSU LiveOn Safety website and watch Staying Safe On Campus at Michigan State University (YouTube)

Emergency Green Phones

Picture122.pngEmergency phones, identified by a green light above the phone, are deployed outdoors throughout the MSU campus and indoors in residence halls and in select classroom buildings. The phones feature one-touch 911-calling and selected locations include emergency speakers that can provide audible messages to the MSU community. Green light phones are managed by the MSU Police.




Fire Alarms

Picture21.pngHalls are equipped with fire alarm systems, fire-rated doors, and hardwired smoke detectors. All halls have monthly drills and are inspected annually. There is an East Lansing Fire Department station right on campus.

Never pull a fire alarm unless there is an emergency. It is illegal to cover smoke detectors. Breaking these laws will lead to serious student misconduct investigations and may affect your student visa.

MSU Alert - Emergency Notification System

msualert2.pngThe Michigan State University Police Department has a comprehensive notification system to distribute timely warning and emergency notification messages. These messages are intended to warn the community about certain crimes and notify citizens of potentially dangerous situations on or near campus. These warnings and notifications can be delivered via three main platforms: voice messages to phones, e-mail and SMS text messaging. Sign up for MSU Alert with your MSU Net ID and password.


Drills and Crime Records

Evacuation and Sheltering Drills

Occasionally, MSU will conduct drills to prepare the public for emergency situations, including evacuation and sheltering drills. Follow the instructions you are given.

Transparent Crime Records Log

MSU Police Department maintains a daily log of crimes and incidents that occur on campus. The log is accessible to the public and can be accessed on the MSU Police Department Clery Crime and Fire Log website.

Late Night Walking and Transportation Services

safe-ride-logo.pngThe University offers several late night services for students traveling across campus after dark.

  • CATA Buses run throughout campus until 2 am, followed by the Night Owl service that offers transportation into the morning..
  • ASMSU SafeRide program is a service provided to members of the Michigan State University community as a safe and free alternative to walking alone after dark. University Safe Ride programs are proven to reduce assault-related dangers and drunk driving both on and off-campus.

Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention

MSU's Commitment

Sexual assault, rape and relationship violence are taken very seriously in the U.S. and at MSU. MSU is committed to cultivating a safe and inclusive campus community characterized by caring and respect for others. 

MSU Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) Prevention Program

The MSU Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence (SARV) Prevention Program promotes safety and improves quality of life by educating students on sexual assault and relationship violence, eliminating violence on campus, empowering students to become advocates for a non-violent community and positively effecting social change. This is done through mandatory workshops for incoming first-year students.

MSU Sexual Assault Program

The MSU Sexual Assault Program responds to those impacted by sexual violence and works to create a community free of violence and oppression. MSU SAP works with sexual assault survivors and all others who are impacted by sexual violence. They provide counseling and support groups for MSU students. They also have a 24-hour hotline and advocacy services for anyone in the greater Lansing community. Learn more about the services offered by the MSU Sexual Assault Program